Herdade da Estacada is a 90-hectare estate located within the Southwest Alentejo Nature Park, where the peace of the countryside blends with the beauty of the beaches of the Vincentine Route.

There are eight large bedrooms provided with big, shuttered windows giving on to a veranda from where the view stretches out of sight, extending an invitation to rest and to chat…

There is no television here, and this means that the nights are to take delight in a star-filled sky, where the only sound is the croaking of the frogs in the distance.

Blending in perfectly with the landscape is a magnificent lake of running water, tempting you to a refreshing swim or simply to lie in the sun and rest your soul.

Breakfast is served either on the veranda or in the lounge, depending on the weather, between 9 and 12 o’clock during the high season and with no time restriction during the rest of the year.

We have a fridge in which you can keep a little fresh food.

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